Hampton Roads is advancing, improving, innovating, becoming more energy efficient, and attractive. We will do the same for Your home.  

J Hutson & Company wants to modernize the appearance and improve the functionality of Your home by bringing Innovated ideas and designs for Remodels and Renovations. We want to create the additional space and function that meet Your present needs. Families grow, needs change, home offices and bathrooms become cramped. A different house is the answer, but we can make Your Home different, You don’t need to move to a different house. We can bring Your Home up to new Codes and repair what is needed, but we can, additionally, bring Your home up to Your new needs. Our Company brings more value with our ability to find a solution, see what doesn’t exist, design beyond recognition, and provide the “impossible”.

- Simple keyless entry, wifi thermostats, LED lighting, and other cutting edge technology devices can conserve energy and improve Your life style. Paying for themselves while providing comfort and security.

- Tankless water heaters and ductless mini split heat pumps have pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking and created highly efficient and more comfortable homes.

- Luxury and beauty can now be added to any Home.

- Our work increases the value of Your Home.

Our Story

 J Hutson & Company is a VA Licensed Class "A" Building, Electrical, Plumbing, AND Gas Contractor, led by a VA Licensed Master Tradesman with over 20 Years in Business and Service right here in Tidewater. J Hutson & Company has many set unit prices designed for quick proposals. With a couple quick questions on the phone we can normally give You a competitive quote. Our pricing is based on our massive experience in Tidewater over the last two decades. We know the construction, the standards, even the neighborhoods.  

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